The Third Order Of The Incarnate Word

The Third Order is made up of lay members who desire to take part in our mission and live our spirituality in the world during their daily lives, to be like a new Incarnation of the Word in their houses, in their work places, among the people, and in their different realities.
The members who are formally part of the Third Order carry a “Scapular” of the Third Order in some occasions and consecrate themselves to the Virgin Mary in “Maternal Slavery of Love”. The members of the third order pray for the whole Religious Family and especially for new vocations and provide material help to the Family according to their possibilities. They take part in our apostolates (missions, teaching, etc.).

There are three “levels of belonging”
to the Third Order:


those who live in the world and aspire to be perfect totally give themselves to God, professing private vows (so they are not religious but consecrated laity) according to the Spirituality of the Religious Family of the Incarnate Word. Along with their profession, they use all the means that enable them to fulfil their vows: prayer, reading of the Holy Scriptures, frequency to the Sacraments, spiritual direction and the practice of spiritual exercises.

Associations of the Faithful and Lay Movements

this second level includes several Lay Movements and Associations of the Faithful, each one with its proper organization. The laity can thus share our Apostolate and Mission, where possible and necessary, in the places where our Institutes are.

The Fraternity of the Incarnate Word

It is the most general and “worldwide” level of belonging. It includes all those who are friends, benefactors, parents, followers, diocesan priests who share with us the spirit of our Religious Family and support us in some way.

The Institue of The Incarnate Word


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