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Our children and youth need the same support and encouragement to attend school and to be assisted in our after school programs. Many of them live in houses that lack adequate space, attention, and tranquility and above all, educational capabilities. These are some of the many negative repercussions caused by the war. All this has greatly impacted their families and social relationships. Through our program, we want to offer them a serene environment to support them in discovering and developing the intellectual and creative potential that have been blocked. We want them to embrace a future of hope.

1. The main objective is to support children and young people in their studies, improve their educational capabilities, to discover and develop their skills to help them have a chance of a better future.
2. Considering the difficult situation of the country and the financial condition of the family after the war, the program encourages the family/parents to continue to send their children to school and university, by helping the students with their scholastic needs. Without these efforts, many will need to abandon their studies and begin working at a young age to support their families.
3. Our “After-school Program” aims to help the students through academic, cultural and recreational activities and emotional support. We do this by assisting them with homework completion and by providing tutors to help them reach the required educational level in the primary and secondary levels, and possibly pass the national exam in the baccalaureate to be able to enroll in the university or guide them to choose the suitable career or job.

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