In this sad and difficult current situation in the country, far from being the same before the war, came about a desire to respond to this challenge of Jesus, not to send away the people in need but to sustain them, feed them, listen to them. To seek to be an instrument of the love of God and His providence by being close to them, understanding their needs, and to help them restore their dignity as a person. To strive to renew hope in their hearts and try to expand their skills and competencies, and develop their capabilities to increase the possibilities to have a better job so that they can support their own families and thus collaborate in the restoration of their community. For Christians, the Church is seen as the only anchor of salvation and therefore they rely on it for every need. But unfortunately, even this church is poor and feels the need to be supported. The church (in its various rites) does everything possible to alleviate so much suffering and poverty for the number of inhabitants of this country and in particular for the Christians who remained in the city. Above all, we seek to help them keep their faith, which was tested so many times. Our presence here is to give them a humble contribution to reinforce their hope for the future. With regard to the children and youth, we see an urgent need to help them open their lives and their hearts always with a vision of faith, to instill more strongly the human and Christian values that allow us to live together in serenity, and mutual help and respect, and in facing the great challenges of daily life. We want to extend our gratitude and appreciation to you who believe in our projects and share and live with us this great challenge to be the “instruments of God’s love and mercy” for others. Thank you to all who pray for us and for those who, in one way or another, support the missionaries and our beloved community. Consequently, after considering the real and basic needs in the different aspects of the life of our brothers, the Church and Center of Our Lady of the Annunciation has seen vital and suitable to offer them help and assistance through various programs.

The Institue of The Incarnate Word


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