Relief and Social Assistance Program

A large percentage of the population has left the country, which has contributed to the increase in the number of older people living alone. As many families have lost their jobs or sources of income, many of these elderly people, persons with disabilities and who have no economic possibilities, face the difficulties of daily survival.
Our Relief and Social Assistance Programs aims to reverse the conditions of poverty, marginalization and vulnerability through various projects:

Our Relief and Assistance Programs consist several projects, including:

  • In-Kind Assistance Project – to provide some basic goods and necessities to the indigent families and individuals.
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical Project – we guide the people in our community to contact the organizations that help in this field (be it from the Church, government or NGOs) and we try to help in urgent cases according to our possibilities. Regarding medicines, we facilitate those that our people cannot provide themselves.
  • Care for Elderly and Patients Project - We want to be vigilant to the needs of those people who live alone and non self-sufficient or cannot help themselves: whether it be medical assistance, cleaning their houses, bathing them, accompanying them.
  • Alimentary Project – we provides ready to eat food three days a week to the persons mentioned above. The food is prepared and cooked by our community.
  • Other Assistance Project for the Families - aims to assist the basic financial needs of families and people who lost their job or have a very low income.

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